When Recycling meets Innovation, it breathes new life into seemingly disposable items #upcycling.

There is a mysterious charm of owning a upcycled piece, accompanied by a strong feeling of pride and satisfaction. I still cannot decide if it’s the second chance that’s given to this piece, or the fact that this piece has a past life and a story to tell before it takes centre-stage in our households.

Sustainable Innovation is not a complex process it is the byproduct of an organizations sustainable culture. When sustainability is inbuilt in your DNA you see things in a different way; instead of seeing waste, you see the endless opportunities of recycled and repurposed items. As a result, you will not tolerate sending waste to landfill but rather unleash your innovative spirit to breathe new life into seemingly disposable items and proudly treasure the new ethically upcycled product you own.

At Dulsco we established an aspirational vision that aligns with the country’s sustainable goals. As a result, we have been nurturing sustainable innovation at all levels, starting with managing our own waste generation as a resource to lead by example and inspire communities to start changing their perception of waste.

(When Recycling meets Innovation, it breathes new life into seemingly disposable items #upcycling. ).jpeg
(When Recycling meets Innovation, it breathes new life into seemingly disposable items #upcycling. ).jpeg

One of our own in-house innovations initially started in Dulsco’ s scrapyard. Our fabrications team came across a stack of used oil barrels, waiting for their final destination. It immediately posed the question “surely these barrels must be more than metal scrap”?, they can be injected with a new lease of life. We started pulling the pieces together brainstorming new ideas which threw up (drawing some online inspiration) the possibility to fabricating a Mini Bar.

The final outcome has become a smash hit and often the talking point of home gatherings as it too the centre-stage in my living room.

We must all agree that this pandemic has compelled organizations to be more creative in their approach and pursue new channels to survive. A point our leadership continues to drive through our business at all levels, motivating ways to think differently.

During a team briefing I was eager to show-off my upcycled creation, little did I know that my desire to have something personally exclusive would be so sought-after it would end becoming a product line.

We began with building sample products and gradually iterating it at each stage of the fabrication process, culminating in the final product developed into visual treat that each one of the team desired to have pride of place our own households, there was no looking back from this point. The orders for our new upcycled product line became an instant hit and we haven’t stopped there; we have began pushing out boundaries of creativity producing a wide range of products that re-invent our scap to become a more sustainable operation.

Our craftmanship knew no boundaries designing and adding barbeque grills, outdoor furniture, chairs, tool barrel, book storage, pet houses and planter barrels to our product line. It is then that we realized that a fusion of engineering skills and creativity put together can covert waste into practical pieces of art that can immensely contribute towards a greener society at large.

We at Dulsco embrace the fact that sustainability is here to stay or we as a business may not be able to in the long run and to achieve this goal we must make green products a part of our lifestyle and become a conscious choice in our day to day life.

(When Recycling meets Innovation, it breathes new life into seemingly disposable items #upcycling. ).jpeg
(When Recycling meets Innovation, it breathes new life into seemingly disposable items #upcycling. ).jpeg
(When Recycling meets Innovation, it breathes new life into seemingly disposable items #upcycling. ).jpeg

To nurture this culture of a sustainable society, there must also be enough eco-friendly products available at our disposal that are not just competitive but niche. At Dulsco we take our job of powering better communities very seriously and hence are dedicated to covering that extra mile to give back something more beautiful and sustainable to the society we are part of out of the waste we collect. Afterall waste isn’t waste until we waste it.

We do it for the environment, for the economy, for the future generations and our only home – Planet Earth. We aim at being part of the solution and not pollution!

In a world where green is becoming the new black, and conscious consumerism a new trend it’s our duty as a responsible organization to contribute as much as possible to make this mantra a reality in truest sense. This is just the beginning of a new era at Dulsco, our ultimate vision is much greater and brighter.

Driving this change has become even more essential to control the drastic climate change that can no longer be ignored. UAE has been tagged as one of the worlds highest waste-producing country with a per capita waste generation of around 1.2 to 1.3 kilogram per day the majority of which or 77 per cent ends up in landfills. The new UAE Federal law aims at recycling 75% of the waste. At Dulsco, we support and welcome this commitment to an eco-friendly way of life, and we are determined to inject sustainable solutions into every community we serve, to make them cleaner, greener and more enjoyable to live in.

Most scientists believe that recycling will go a long way to slowing down global warming. So we can be confident that any recycling we initiate will play a vital role in preserving the Earth’s natural resources. Recycling aluminium cans, for instance, saves the tropical rainforests from further devastation because these areas are often mined for bauxite (the ore used to make aluminium). Recycling is an act that can heavily impact the deforestation problem on Earth. Recycled paper products mean fewer trees that need to be cut down and processed. Recycling plays its part in the green energy debate by reducing the amount of energy required to manufacture certain products. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions generated by the manufacturing process and lowers global energy consumption. The advantages of recycling are innumerous, after all being ethical is the new normal.

(When Recycling meets Innovation, it breathes new life into seemingly disposable items #upcycling. ).jpeg

To continue our legacy, this year we have chosen to give retired cargo containers their new homes by converting them into recycling stations. Through this, we aim at making recycling a more convenient process for the public by placing them in communities and places of public interest. As we strongly believe that recycling should not just be an option but a habit for the current and future generations to come. And one thing that we can assure you is that this revolution will look fabulous!

Green vibes only!