Waste & Recycling Celebrating Women in Circularity – Puja Balachandran

Puja Balachandran is an environmental engineer with a passion for waste management. With over nine years of experience, she has dedicated seven of those years to the industry, working in India, Oman, and the UAE, and is currently serving as a technical support engineer for Dulsco Group.


Puja’s journey began in an industrial waste management company, where she gained expertise in treating hazardous waste. Her passion for finding alternative uses for waste has driven her career, and she has helped clients in the oil and gas industry find cost-effective solutions to their hazardous waste management problems.


As a woman in the waste management industry, Puja has had to overcome a few moments of adversity but overall believes that the industry is now more accessible across all levels of seniority. She remains committed to being a role model for other women in the industry, demonstrating that with persistence, commitment, and enthusiasm, they can achieve success, and strongly echoes the phrase “Competence not Gender” – All that matters is that you know what you’re doing, not what gender you are.


Puja believes in the power of collaboration and is dedicated to working with colleagues, clients, and partners to make a positive impact.