Waste & Recycling Celebrating Women in Circularity – Ceejay Nadeen

Ceejay Nadeen’s childhood in the Philippines instilled in her a reverence for the environment, which she now champions through her commitment to sustainability. Driven by a sense of obligation to the next generation, Ceejay has taken bold steps to promote waste reduction and management. Formerly part of the Dulsco Expo team, she contributed successfully to their waste diversion targets. Ceejay currently supports the environmental initiatives at Dulsco and has imparted awareness sessions on recycling and waste segregation that have reached over 1,500 beneficiaries from various organisations.


Additionally, she is a beacon of hope for the next generation, imparting critical values such as leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence to a group of young leaders in Abu Dhabi. Despite sometimes facing gender bias as a woman in the male-dominated waste management industry, Ceejay’s unwavering belief in the importance of diversity fuels her work.


Source: wasterecyclingmea