Towards a Greener World Dulsco and the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.

What is Construction and Demolition Recycling and why is it important?

Most commonly generated waste materials in construction and demolition sites, such as concrete, bricks, tiles, timber, paint, asbestos, asphalt, steel, plaster, and drywall fall under the umbrella term, “Construction and Demolition” waste. The process of recycling such waste materials, abbreviated as “C&D waste Recycling”, is imperative for the good of the environment and society!

What is the benefit of recycling these materials?

C&D waste recycling enables us to reuse materials that might otherwise be harmful to both humans and our environment, whilst contributing to the reduction of environment pollution and recovery of valuable resources. The process allows us to also have easy access to affordable, high-quality raw products and sustainable building materials.

Where does Dulsco come in?

At Dulsco, we have recognized the environmental impact brought about by construction and demolition waste, particularly in the UAE where ample development projects take place in a fast pace, leave several tons of unused raw material and waste behind.

In a bid to play our part in reducing this waste, we have established along with Ministry of environment and climate change and the respective municipalities a number of successful recycling facilities in various Northern emirates of the UAE for recycling construction and demolition waste.

But how has Dulsco set itself apart from its competitors?

What does Dulsco’s past and present look like in the construction waste management sector?

Duslco’s Unique Position.

(Towards a Greener World Dulsco and the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.).jpeg

(Towards a Greener World Dulsco and the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.).jpeg

We are one of the only integrated waste management companies that run and operate the construction and demolition waste management facilities in the United Arab Emirates.

We have been provided exclusive concessions by the respective municipalities, to handle the facilities in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain. Moreover, operating under the recycling and sustainability initiatives of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, we are the only company that provides an end-to-end solution to construction waste. Thus, these factors set us apart from any waste management company in the region.

Furthermore, we at Dulsco have partnered with the municipalities and the government of the United Arab Emirates to ensure that all our policies and projects to achieve a better and brighter UAE, follow the United Nations Sustainability Goals- UN SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and UN SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production).

(Towards a Greener World Dulsco and the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.).jpeg

Dulsco: where have we been, and where are we going?

The estimated generation of waste by the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) by 2020 is 120 million tons, 53% of which is construction and demolition waste. with its lead as one of the   fastest growing   economies in the region it is also obvious that the UAE is    the second highest contributor to this waste generation in the construction sector.

Focusing on this sector, Dulsco partnered with the MOECC and the municipalities to address this major concern   by establishing facilities for reducing these wastes going to the landfills and in the process actively contributing to the UAE’s sustainability goals.

The first step of Dulsco’s mission to reduce the GCC waste was through programs that encouraged residents to source segregate the wastes followed by the establishment of a Material Recovery Facility, which falls in line with the UAE’s commitment to reducing landfills. Currently receiving over 40 tons of source segregated recyclable material each day, the MRF is just one cog in the Dulsco machine, as we continue to implement innovative solutions that increase the efficiency of our waste management every day.

Moreover, with the construction and demolition waste recycling facilities established at Ajman and Umm Al Quwain to produce subbases and aggregates and recover other recyclables like wood, steel, plastic, aluminum, etc. Dulsco’s wheel is churning to accelerate the circular economy goals of the region.

These efforts of Dulsco in C&D recycling have been further enhanced by the recent Ministry of environment and climate change resolution no 21 which mandates up to 40% use of recycled material in construction industry.

What can you do to contribute?

Plan all projects ahead.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Ben Franklin’s quote applies here! Ensure that every construction or demolition project is carefully planned and organized. Calculating and ordering the exact number of raw materials needed, planning ahead for potential waste, providing disposal methods for waste, and educating your employees on the waste management procedures are all effective ways to prepare and organize your construction site accordingly.

(Towards a Greener World Dulsco and the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.).jpeg

Choose deconstruction instead of demolition.

Deconstruction is a useful and innovative method which involves disabling every piece of a building to preserve all materials and reduce any unnecessary waste. Since demolition is inherently destructive, it lowers the chance of salvaging any materials that can be reused. Therefore, deconstruction is the way to go!

Recycle reusable raw material.

The textbook method for sustainable waste management, recycling waste and reusing recycled raw materials is the ideal way to promote sustainability!

Donate unnecessary materials.

Donating any waste or unused materials to recycling or waste management centers, or even to other construction projects, is an excellent way to promote circular economy and sustainability! It is a simple step to reducing the outgoing cost of raw materials as well as the energy used to process them.

Contact a Construction and Demolition recycling facility.

Ensuring that all waste generated at your construction site reaches the C&D recycling facility through proper waste manifest and monitoring is another step you can take to establish all waste materials from your site are recycled.

Organize your construction site.

Once again, great organization works wonders! Through efficiently placing and organizing the necessary raw materials within the construction or demolition site, by type, usage, and need, you reduce the collective energy used by a significant amount. A well planned out schedule is important too!

Let us be the harbinger of change in this sustainability journey we have all embarked upon.

(Towards a Greener World Dulsco and the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.).jpeg

(Towards a Greener World Dulsco and the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.).jpeg