Taqdeer Award – Wajadto Nafsi programme recognises 15 workers

Dubai – “I found myself” – that is the one common takeaway from countless stories of workers who came to Dubai in search of work. And these are the stories that were celebrated at the launch of the third edition of the ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ (I found myself) programme, an initiative by Taqdeer Award.


Taqdeer Award recognises companies that have achieved excellence in labour welfare and celebrates workers who have become an inspiration for others through their hard work and perseverance.


At the launch of the third edition of ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ on Thursday, October 5, Major-General Obaid Muhair bin Suroor, Deputy Director-General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, and Chairman of the Taqdeer Award, announced the launching of a new YouTube platform,  to document inspiring success stories of workers who began their professional lives in the UAE in simple positions and workplaces but have since become business owners, executives and leaders in their respective companies. This transformation is attributed to the support and sponsorship of their organisations, their dedicated efforts, and their personal aspirations for career advancement, all while playing a role in shaping the future of their companies.



“Wajadto Nafsi is one of the initiatives from Taqdeer Award, that is given to the best companies caring for workers in Dubai, under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council,” he said.



An incubator for success


When a person’s grit and determination finds a supportive environment that fosters growth, amazing success stories can emerge. That is what Dubai provides to thousands of workers in different industries, according to Major-General bin Suroor.


“Since we began six years ago, we found many stories of workers coming to Dubai, some for a few years, some for tens of years, and they have gone on to become managers in companies, businessmen and businesswomen. We found these stories to be expressive of the vision of Dubai as the best place to live and work. This initiative is the best place for these heroes to tell their stories to prove to the world of the genuineness of the vision of Dubai.


“The stories of ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ have shown us that thanks to the vision of the founders of many companies and institutions in the UAE, as well as their outstanding executive managers, these companies have been able to change the lives of their employees for the better. Through their support during the darkest times in their employees’ social, professional, and health-related lives, and by nurturing their workforce, these companies have become role models in how to effect change in their work environment, enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty, and develop their capacities to benefit both parties,” he added.


Major-General Obaid urged everyone to follow the ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ stories to understand the importance of development in work environments and its positive impact on society and the economy of any city in the world. He expressed deep appreciation for institutions and companies that prioritise the happiness and development of their employees.



Social sustainability


The third cycle of the ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ initiative is being sponsored by SEE Holding, a sustainability focused holding group that operates under the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic.


Speaking at the event, Faris Saeed, Chairman and CEO of SEE Holding, said: “We believe in the vision and noble goals of the Taqdeer Award and the ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ initiative and are proud to be empowering the inspiring stories of those who have worked hard to achieve their dreams. Furthermore, our support for this initiative aligns with the UAE government’s vision of caring for humanity regardless of religion, nationality, or ethnicity.


“Our support for the initiative today stems from our strong belief in integrating social sustainability into the workplace and the wider community. At SEE Holding, we are committed to achieving the necessary balance between environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Social sustainability encourages us to look beyond immediate profits and successes to consider the impact we leave upon our community, creating the right environment for future generations and valuing all individuals. It means investing in our employees’ growth and success and supporting initiatives that provide long-term benefits to society as a whole.”



26 inspirational stories


Regarding the third cycle of ‘Wajadto Nafsi,’ Colonel Khalid Ismail, Secretary-General of the Taqdeer Award and the ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ initiative, stated, “The third cycle of ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ includes 26 inspirational stories of outstanding workers who overcame their circumstances and demonstrated their worth through career advancement. These episodes will be broadcast on the ‘Wajadto Nafsi’ YouTube platform at a rate of two episodes per month.”


Khaled Ismail added, “The episodes will be filmed both within and outside the UAE by professional directors and technicians, ensuring that they capture the essence of these inspirational human stories.”


Source: gulfnews