Dulsco, the leading integrated solutions provider, has honoured a delegation from…

Dulsco Honours Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre for training its Aviation Team
Integrated environmental solutions provider awards certificates to police representatives at Dulsco HQ
Dubai, UAE, September 29, 2019 Dulsco, the leading integrated solutions provider, has honoured a delegation from the Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre for enhancing its employees’ awareness of aviation security. The Emirati company, which has been operating in the UAE for 84 years, awarded certificates to the officers who earlier this year provided a number of training sessions to intensify Dulsco team members’ understanding of security issues at Dubai International Airport.
Taking place on Wednesday at Dulsco’s head office in Dubai, the awarding ceremony saw Dulsco receive the trainers from the Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre, headed by Colonel Marwan Mohammad Singel, Director of Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre, and Major Jamal Ali Hassan, Head of Planning Training Section and General Coordinator. During the awarding ceremony, the delegation met with senior Dulsco officials and members of the company’s Aviation Security team.
Dulsco’s award citation thanked the delegation for the training they conducted at Dubai International Airport, which aimed to highlight infractions of security to Dulsco employees working at the region’s busiest aviation hub. The activity was a result of collaboration between Dulsco’s Aviation Security team and Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre to enhance awareness of security issues at the airport.
“National security is a joint responsibility, and it is every stakeholder’s duty to ensure a safe environment for the country’s citizens, residents and visitors, especially at important travel hubs such as Dubai International Airport. Creating security awareness through these trainings for airport employees will help them to remain vigilant and to know who to approach for any security breach. It is partnerships and collaborations such as this where authorities and private sector organisations work together that helps maintain DXB International as the safest airport in the world,” said Major Jamal Ali Hassan.
 “Our staff, employed at the Dubai International Airport, are constantly undergoing bespoke trainings, since we are keen to adhere to the highest security standards and encourage them to refrain from engaging in any sort of security violations. This includes highlighting and stressing on infractions that might not be immediately apparent, such as improper use of security passes and discussing airport operations with third parties. These trainings are generally delivered by our in-house team, but on this occasion we liaised with Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre and sought their support to conduct a number of sessions for our employees,” said David Stockton, CEO and Managing Director, Dulsco.
“The sessions were very well received and have heightened security awareness and the consequences of engaging in any sort of security violations at the airport. In addition, the trainings have cemented strong relations between Dulsco and Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre, and we are actively seeking areas where we can work together on similar activities in the future. We are extremely grateful for Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre’s support for our Aviation Security operations, which aim to enhance Dubai International Airport’s position as the world’s top airline hub,” he added.