Dulsco Opens The Portals To Expo 2020 Dubai

Dulsco, an integrated solutions provider and the Official Waste Management Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, yesterday opened the Expo 2020 Dubai portals, a symbolic gesture of pushing forward with Expo and Dulsco’s shared goals and vision for a sustainable future.

The special ceremony was attended by key members of the Dulsco and Expo teams, including Dulsco CEO David Stockton, Dulsco CFO Martin Bradley, Dulsco COO for Environmental Solutions John Grainger, Dulsco COO for Business Support Services Mahdi Mohamed, Dulsco COO for Outsourcing and Permanent Placement Tiago Costa, and Dulsco CIO for Environmental Solutions S. Madhumohan, among others.  

The opening of the portals follows Dulsco’s recent announcement of the launch of their treatment facilities – one more step towards driving waste away from landfill and helping pave the way for achieving Expo’s sustainability goals.