Dulsco launch unique Oil Re-Refinery Plant in the UAE

The Environmental Solutions vertical of Dulsco Group has launched an advanced Oil Re-Refinery Plant, the first of its type in the region. The facility, located at Jebel Ali, spans over 14,000 sq.m. 

Progress within any industry comes at the expense of an unfortunate by-product . . .  WASTE. Progressively developing economies such as the UAE’s value sustainability as an integral component of the country’s development efforts, and waste management is treated with the utmost of importance. Investing heavily in technology and innovation, Dulsco seeks to support the UAE’s agenda for sustainability and the country’s mission to achieve a circular economy.


David Stockton, CEO, Dulsco, said: “Our priority is to play a leading role nationally in implementing sustainable infrastructure for the future. We do this by ensuring that our values are applied through investment, expertise, and education in circular economy best practices and recycling projects. Our ultimate aim is not solely for us – we encourage others to maintain their resources for as long as possible, to extract maximum value during their lifespan. Materials can then be recovered and products regenerated as their service life comes to an end.”


Using expert manpower and cutting-edge technologies, Dulsco has developed environmentally aligned products and services to meet the unique needs of complex industries such as the nation’s ports and oil and gas sectors.


The company’s recent investment is a state-of-the-art oil re-refinery facility, capable of processing around 1,400 tons of oily waste and 600 sludge generated by the marine, oil, gas, and industrial sectors per month.


As a major regional and international trade hub, daily marine traffic into Jebel Ali and the Port of Rashid in Dubai is high, requiring a facility for safe disposal of marine waste, in line with IMO-Marpol standards.

Dulsco is the only waste management company in Dubai approved to handle all types of marine waste as per Marpol annex 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


“Dulsco’s re-refinery facility adds to Dubai’s goal of providing a fully-integrated resolution to the Maritime Industry’s various oily wastes to help protect the environment and our vital natural resources. Waste, oil, and oily sludge contains hazardous components. If used as fuel without treatment, toxic components are released into our environment that pollute the air we breathe and water we drink”.


“Dulsco looks forward to working closely with DP world and the marine sector in Dubai, in our efforts to provide a state-of-the-art processing facility to handle these wastes in line with Marpol and local environmental requirements.” Stockton added.


Instead of waste oil or oily sludge remaining uncontrolled in the waste supply chain, it will be collected, treated, and reused, in accordance with the highest standards.

Dulsco’s fully integrated and programmable logic controlled (PLC) plant, with a central control room, processes oily waste received,  producing both light and heavy fuels.

Heavy fuel is used for burners and furnaces, while light fuel generated in-house is used for process operations. Recovered water from the plant additionally is treated and converted to irrigation quality water in Dulsco’s water treatment facility and can be re-used in its boiler or provided to end-users for their irrigation needs.

The facility thus recovers all potential reusable fractions from waste, according to rigorous health, safety, and environmental standards, creating value from waste and reflecting Dulsco’s ongoing leadership role in innovative sustainability practices.