Dulsco Group unites with The Rocket Foundation to support reforestation in India

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — 21 March, 2024: The Group announces, in time for World Water Day, participation on a project which will recharge the water balance and provide renewed water sources for 220 villages in Rajasthan, India.


Dubai-based Dulsco Group, a regional leader in environmental, people, talent and energy recruitment solutions, has announced a new global partnership with The Rocket Foundation ahead of the UN’s World Water Day tomorrow (22 March).


The partnership will see Dulsco Group finance a water body called the Purana Faredua Pond to assist with a vast reforestation initiative in The Flow Partnership’s Reforesting Baran Project; where more than 350,000 trees will be replanted across a 125 square kilometre area, bringing life and vitality back through a rejuvenated environment to support 220 villages in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The pond’s creation will contribute a maximum of 32,000 m3 of water to the area and include the planting of 4,000 trees.


The extensive project is already underway and will see water retention addressed through the creation of a series of structures including large ponds so that when it does rain, water is not lost. The project’s second pillar focuses on soil regeneration; combating the vicious cycle of drought and soil degradation and then once the water balance and health of the soil is returned, the third pillar will see the planting of more than 350,000 trees in the area.


David Stockton, Chief Executive Officer at Dulsco Group said: “We have more than 5,500 individuals from India working within our Dulsco family. In addition to increasing our CSR efforts here in the UAE, we wanted to explore supporting a project of significance in the homeland of a large portion of our team. We want to leave a legacy which can shape generations and the reforestation of Baran allows us to make a huge impact on the environment but also on hundreds of families in the region.”


“We are delighted to welcome Dulsco Group as a partner with us on the Reforesting Baran project – there is a huge opportunity for transformative change, for the environment and natural ecosystem as well as for the communities who live there,” said Rebecca Berlinger from The Rocket Foundation.


“Our mission at The Rocket Foundation is to identify, engage, and support change-makers who strive to create and promote a better world. We are hugely excited about The Reforesting Baran Project which is focused around ecosystem regeneration, alongside the overarching ambition to provide self-reliance and food security for the 220 villages impacted,” continued Rebecca.


Women from the local community are responsible for the collection of water for their families – often walking miles each day. In one woman’s perseverance she dug a well and when the water came, other women in nearby villages were encouraged to do the same and thus Jal-Saheli (Friends of Water) was established. The Jal-Saheli are a growing group of women responsible for carrying forward the women and water security agenda and providing leadership towards collective assertion for rights / entitlements and raising water issues at the village level.


A team from Dulsco Group will travel to the region to help with the physical requirements of the project and also meet with those who will be directly affected by the reforestation including those from the Sahariya tribe and women from Jal-Saheli (Friends of Water).


For more information on the Reforestation of Baran project visit https://therocketfoundation.org

Source: Zawya