Dulsco Group participates in ‘An Hour…with the cleaner’ initiative…

Dulsco Group, a leading service provider of environment, people and talent solutions, organised a desert clean-up activity for the annual National Environment Day. By participating in the initiative “An Hour…with the cleaner” that is supported by Dubai Municipality, desert and tourist areas in Al Qudra were cleaned as part of the commitment to supporting the UAE’s drive for sustainability and the country’s mission to achieve a circular economy in The Year of Sustainability 2023. 

“Dubai Municipality’s support is limitless in establishing volunteer opportunities in the areas of public hygiene and attracting likeminded stakeholders concerned about environmental issues. By collaborating, we align ourselves with the UAE’s vision of prioritising sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment and natural resources in our community. This not only helps the community but also strengthens our partnerships as we work towards achieving our objectives for reducing carbon footprint, water conservation, waste management, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable procurement,” said John Grainger, Chief Operating Officer at Dulsco Environment.

The organisations that provided volunteers for the desert clean-up included Coca-Cola, Choithrams, Dow Chemical IMEA GmbH (Dubai Branch), Enoc Link, Fischer, GAC and SAFCO, all of which share a common commitment to environmental sustainability. The event provided a platform for 150 participants to engage in an informative discussion about environmental issues and to work together to make a positive impact.

During the event, the participants showed their dedication and commitment to environmental preservation, and their efforts were recognised with certificates of appreciation. The collaboration of these organisations and individuals allowed for a greater impact in promoting environmental awareness and creating positive change.