Dulsco Group and Dubai Municipality unite to mark the UAE’s 27th National Environment Day ‘An hour with the cleaner’ initiative

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Dubai based – Dulsco Group, a leader in People Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Talent Solutions, and Energy Recruitment Solutions unite with Dubai Municipality to affirm a dual commitment to preserving and protecting the local environment ahead of the UAE’s 27th National Environment Day on 4 February 2024.


More than 170 volunteers teamed up for a clean-up of the popular Flamingo Lake in Al Qudra which is visited by many looking to enjoy the area’s natural beauty and diversity of wildlife, in support of the Dubai Municipality’s ‘An Hour with the Cleaner’ initiative. The volunteers represented nine entities including Coca-Cola, Choithrams, Dow Chemical IMEA GmbH (Dubai Branch), Expo City Dubai, Pullman Hotel Sharjah, Slices Catering Services, and Next Generation School, who worked alongside 70 volunteers from Dulsco Group and Dubai Municipality.


The volunteers collected more than 100 bags of waste containing 20% of general waste and 80% of recyclables. The recyclables were collected by Dulsco’s famous Recycling Bus and sent to Dulsco Environment’s Material Recovery Facility for further sorting, treatment and processing.


Volunteers were joined by Dubai Municipality’s official mascot, Nadhoof and Dulsco’s environmental assistant Birdy.


“We are so proud that so many have joined the Dubai Municipality and Dulsco Group teams in our clean-up efforts in the Al Qudra area today. We are seeing an increasing number of people and organisations taking a keen interest in preserving the environment and donating their time to ensure its protection and preservation, so that people can enjoy the emirate’s flora and fauna and diversity of landscape,” comments John Grainger, Chief Operating Officer of Dulsco Environment.


“Dulsco Group has been an active partner of the initiative, which continues to highlight the consistent attention and care placed by Dubai’s leadership on the environment, since 1997.  Supported by like-minded entities, corporations and individuals who are dedicated to preserving the environment, initiatives like this help everybody to play their part, so the environment is protected today for the generations of tomorrow,” he continued.


An Hour with the Cleaner

Dubai Municipality’s “An Hour with the Cleaner” initiative is one of the most prominent field volunteer initiatives, aimed at increasing social responsibility amongst members of the community. Whilst preserving the cleanliness of the city, the aesthetic and cultural appearance, and supporting the local environment, the initiative aims to promote and grow the social responsibility from within society.

Source: zawya