Dulsco adopts Saturday and Sunday as a weekend for its staff

In line with the UAE’s vision to enhance its competitive position in the global economic and business sectors, and in line with the country’s newly announced weekly work system, Dulsco, the leading provider of integrated solutions, has announced that it will be adopting Saturday and Sunday as weekend, starting from January 1, 2022.
David Stockton, CEO of Dulsco, said: “We are pleased to be implementing the new weekend from next year. We believe the redefined weekend, which is in line with that of global markets, will contribute to consolidating the UAE’s position on the world economic map and that it will enhance the country’s competitiveness as an active business centre.”
Stockton pointed out that adopting the new system will support levels of performance and productivity, establish a quality of life in the work environment, and allow the company greater flexibility in conducting commercial and financial transactions and operations at the global level, while at the same time contributing to the economic performance of Dulsco and the United Arab Emirates.
In addition, to celebrate the diversity of its workforce, the company has announced that it will be enhancing its annual leave by introducing a celebration day, which can be used by its employees to celebrate festivals, birthdays, or anniversaries during the year. 
“We pride ourselves on fostering equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and would like to offer our employees an additional day to observe or celebrate any personal or cultural occasion that is significant to them,” added Stockton. 
On December 7, the UAE government announced the new system of weekly work for the federal government sector, which included setting the weekly holiday on Saturday and Sunday, starting from January 1, 2022, with January 2 as an official holiday.