Dubai to see a surge in international travel this year

UAE based Dulsco’s talent solution arm has formed a partnership with Dynamic Advanced Training.  Image: Dulsco
This initiative is also unique to the candidate as they will not incur any cost to be trained. 
David Stockton, CEO of Dulsco commented, “The aviation industry in the GCC and the Middle-East region is worth US$130 billion, which is equivalent to 4.4% of the region’s gross domestic product (GDP). We have come up with an initiative to play our role in further strengthening the sector by providing it competent talents.
“Under this strategic recruitment drive, Dulsco and Dynamic are investing cost and expertise in developing suitable candidates through a structural and internationally recognised training program for both the commercial and private cabin crew requirement. Once trained, these candidates will be outsourced to the airline industry, which is expecting the air traffic to almost double, from 4.5 billion passengers in 2019 to 8.5 billion in 2039,” Stockton added.
Dubai is set to host world-class events this year and is expected to see a surge in international travellers from across the world. This unique collaboration comes as a strategic step forward to provide well-trained staff to one of the most robust sectors in the country.
Mark Kammer, Operations Director, Dynamic Advanced Training, said: “The candidate will benefit from the cutting-edge facilities at Dynamic that offers comprehensive aviation safety and emergency procedures (SEP) training, soft skills training, as well as unique experiences in a hyper-realistic aviation environment.”
“Learning at the Middle East’s best-in-class training centre that uses advanced technology and real-life simulations will further hone the skill sets of the prospective employees of the leading airlines. Dynamic is the first facility of its kind in the MENASA region to offer Private, Business and Commercial hyper-realistic aviation experiences under one roof. This is bound to reflect in the proficiency and confidence of the candidates once they are ready to be part of the airlines industry,” Kammer added.
Dubai expects passenger traffic on its terminals to grow 8% this year to 28 million. By the third quarter of the year, 90% of the 260 destinations accessible from Dubai Airport are expected to be restored. This would increase the number of flights and would require highly trained aviation crew to make it happen.